Lakeview Homes located on the North and West Shores!


Prime lakeview homes are more enticing to some buyers than lakefront homes.  There are a few reasons for this.  If you are comparing lakeview and lakefront homes in the same price range, you will most likely find that you can get more house, a more dramatic view, and a quieter location for the same price.  For some, having the direct lake access is not as important as having a private and peaceful location. 

In the North Lake Tahoe area we have a variety of lakeview properties.  You will find peek views, filtered views, big views, pano views and then huge panoramic views.  Some locations provide big views but are adversely affected by road noise, some are distant lakeviews but quieter locations.  When searching for a lakeview property it helps to be familiar with the different locations.

The primo lakeview homes are for the most part located in specific neighborhoods.  My personal first choice location for panoramic lakeviews would be the Dollar Point subdivision, just 2 miles east of Tahoe City.  The prime lakeview homes in this area are located far enough from the highway that you literally can not hear the slightest buzz of a car.  In addition, you have the Dollar Point amenities (including Homeowners beach, pier, pool and tennis courts), and it is an easy access area.  There are a few streets here that have big lakeview homes, but prime panoramic  lakeview homes for sale are few and far between.

There are several panoramic view homes in the Talmont subdivision (near Sunnyside) and also on Rim Drive.  These home are at a much higher elevation and access would not be considered quite as easy.  However homes in Talmont do have access to the Tahoe Park Homeowners’ Association beach, pier and picnic area, which is a nice amenity.  There are a few other locations for big view homes, although due to their location uphill from the highway, they may not be quite as quiet. 


Check out these links to three great lakeview properties I have listed for sale:

35 Edgecliff Court

470 Nightingale

202 Edgewood

 Remember, you can also research lakeview homes by using the search area of this website, but please feel free to contact me for additional information.  Having been a real estate broker in the North Lake Tahoe area for over 30 years, I have the knowledge to assist you in finding the property that will best suit you needs.